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Welcome to the childrens books of Katharina Cuthbertson-Merki

Three family books have been made.

Katharina Cuthbertson-Merki wrote and illustrated three picture books for the family with the three children Lisa, Angus and Fiona as protagonists. The children's heads are fotographs taken by Andrew Cuthbertson. The three books were exhibited in the Natur-Museum Luzern in the summer of 2008 and in the public library in Kriens in November and December 2008.

In the first book 'The Treasure Hunt' the three children go on an adventerous treasure hunt. They meet a lot of famous picture book and comic book figurs (Jim Knopf, Lucky Luke, Tintin etc.). The treasure turns out to be the family of the three children with parents, granparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

In the second book the children help the poor circus director ... who has lost all his artists. The children act for the artists and save the show.

The third book 'Animals in the sea: The making of the Museum' shows how the exhibition "Tiere im Meer" was made. The children get an invitation from professor bluewhale who shows them all the secrets of the ocean and its inhabitants. Back home the children make their own exhibition. This book is to remember a fun family project which was made as a public exhibition 'Animals in the Sea' in the family home building 'Hobby' room in the Summer of 2007. The exhibition was shown in the Luzern Natur-Museum in the Summer of 2008. The exhibition is also being shown in the Emmen Shopping Center in Summer of 2009 June 22nd to July 11th. Information about the past 'Animals in the Sea' exhibition can be found by clicking this text.

We hope you enjoy the books

The Treasure Hunt The Circus Animals in the Sea: The making of the Museum

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