by Andrew Cuthbertson

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Events photography is very much 'instant' and action in non-studio conditions

Pilatus Cup, Table Tennis
Kriens, 9-10 Apr 2016
International Athletics Luzern June 15 2016 Luzern
Swiss City Marathon
30th Oct 2016
European Top16 Cup
Table Tennis, Montreux
2-3 Feb 2019

Indoor EuroHockey, Championship II Men
Bern, 17-19 Jan 2014
Luzern/Kriens Fasnacht
Feb 2015
Swiss City Marathon
25th Oct 2015
European U19 Team
Squash Championships
March 2016

Luzern/Kriens Fasnacht
Feb 2013
Luzern SGV ship Parade
18th May 2013
Sekisui Swiss PGA & National Squash Tournaments, Kriens Switzerland
24-26th May 2013
Swiss City Marathon
27th Oct 2013

Lake Luzern Steamship Parade
7th May 2011
International Athletics Luzern July 21 2011 Luzern/Kriens Fasnacht
Feb 2012
Luzern Stadrat Elections
6th May 2012

Emmen Center Fashion Show & Mr Schweiz Candidates March 5th 2010 Luzern Marathon
Oct 28 2010
Land Hockey LSC 'D' Team in Geneva
15th Jan 2011
European Indoor Hockey Cup for Country Club Champions, Luzern
18-21th Jan 2011

International Athletics Luzern July 16 2008 International Athletics Lausanne July 7 2009 International Athletics Luzern July 15 2009 Luzern/Kriens Fasnacht 2010


Luzern Marathon
Oct 28 2007
Luzern/Kriens Fasnacht 2007 Land Hockey LSC 'E' Team, Olten Event 12th May 2007 Luzern/Kriens Fasnacht 2008
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